Section 1. Purpose

Section 2. Definitions

Section 3. Scope of Application

Section 4. Amendment to Terms of Use

Section 5. Completion of Member Registration

Section 6. Rejection or Cancellation of Member Registration

Section 7. Suspension and Annulment of Qualification for Use of Service

Section 8. Deletion of Registered Information

Section 9. Handling of Personal Information

Section 10. Self-responsibility of Members

Section 11. Change of Information at Discretion

Section 12. Outsourcing of Operational Services

Section 13. Discontinuance of Services

Section 14. Termination of Services

Section 15. Prohibited Matters

Section 16. Measures Taken against Member Engaging in Prohibited Acts

Section 17. Troubles among Members

Section 18. Intellectual Property Rights

Section 19. Indemnities

Section 20. Attention for Health

Section 21. Transfer of Rights and Obligations

Section 22. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

Section 23. Inquiries concerning Service or Individual Service